A lasting impression
begins with a powerfull brand.

A lasting impression starts with a powerful visual brand identity. Your brand identity is a unified set of visual elements that determines how people perceive your brand and what it means to them. This is important because if your visual identity is not consistent and attractive, your prospects may not take you seriously. Even worse, they can buy from your competitors rather than from you – just because your competitors look more professional.

All visual elements in your company must be designed to communicate the values and voice of your brand clearly in a consistent manner. This includes: your logo, your color palette, your typography, your images, your packaging, your website, your social media, your print media and all other visual communications across all your marketing and product delivery points of contact.

We’ve created this 5-step process to show you how to create a strong brand presence that resonates with your target audience.



We ask a few fundamental questions so that we can discover everything about your brand. What does your brand represent? What is the purpose and what problem do you solve?

What feelings does your brand want to evoke? People buy with emotions that they later justify with logic.

The purpose of the discovery phase is to really understand what your brand represents and your vision. This way we can confidently go to the research phase.


The research phase is a crucial part of ensuring that your brand is unique and has a place in your niche.

We will research both your competitors and your target audience to see what they like and dislike, who they follow, etc.

The mood boards translate the text of the discovery phase into visual concepts.

Once you have decided which direction you like best, we have a strong foundation to move on to the design phase.


In this phase we design the building blocks of your brand. They should be flexible and harmonious and should work across all your contact points:

Logo, colors, typography, patterns, textures, images, illustrations, iconography, layout, composition, …

Too many colors can compromise a strong identity. Keep it clear like Ferrari, Coca-Cola, Telenet, …

Too much detail can be detrimental to clarity. Keep it simple Apple, Mc Donalds, Nike, …

Style guide

A brand style guide is at the heart of your brand identity. It contains rules about your logo usage, fonts and color palette codes for online use and also for offline printing, layout guidelines, image usage and much more.

The goal of having a brand style guide is for all of your design and marketing materials to have a cohesive look.

Your turn.


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